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“SNAP” is a gripping, emotional, and visceral portrayal of a Black teenager thatdocuments his last day of life with a social networking app called SNAP. Hisjourney exposes the contrast of his social blocks with those of his privilegedcounterparts. His day comes to an ugly end when he’s gunned down at a houseparty in front of his friends and in front of the world.nter a caption (optional). Select text to format it.

Back in February, we announced the production of a film Malakai Creative has been in development for called SNAP. 

“SNAP” is a gripping, emotional, and visceral portrayal of a Black teenager that documents his last day of life with a social networking app called SNAP. His journey exposes the contrast of his social blocks with those of his privileged counterparts. His day comes to an ugly end when he’s gunned down at a house party in front of his friends and in front of the world”.

I’ve been quiet on SNAP for the last few weeks, but I’ve been getting a lot of QUESTIONS and I feel that everyone deserves an update. I’ve always felt that the best strategy is to work quietly with your head down and that’s what we’ve been doing.  

In the last few months SNAP has brought on some amazing producers who believe in the vision of the film and are willing to make it happen.

SNAP has also been getting into some IMPORTANT hands by way of our producers. PEOPLE who are higher up on the production house scale (well known production companies) are currently reading the script and it’s currently being pitched to some investors and financiers as well. The interest is HIGH. This is a film that is timely.

On a local scale, we are working on an interactive premiere which will include the tonal scenes we shot back in December. This will premiere on an interactive look-book we are building. Additionally I will be dropping our full concept trailer this week. Special thanks to all of our actors and crew who worked on the concept film and are waiting patiently. I’m excited and looking forward to the vision of this project. Thanks for being so supportive.


Women changing the Arizona Film Scene

Women changing the Arizona Film Scene

By James White

In Honor of Women’s Month: We here at Malakai Creative want to celebrate several women from the Arizona film scene who are making things happen! As Phoenix, and the entire Valley starts to become more of a destination for big time filmmakers, it’s important to highlight the local talent that created that magnetic buzz in the first place. From here on out, Arizona culture will be indebted to the filmmakers, creatives, and production crew members of today, for pumping out the work that’s been appealing Hollywood filmmakers.
Specifically, the women filmmakers in the Valley, need their own spotlight. Even at the indie level, advancing, and putting out quality work in a male-dominated, often sexist industry, are not accomplishments to sleep on.  The required talent, and courage of these women can be an example to all.
That being said, here’s a handful of women we think are killing it in the Valley’s expanding arts scene, and some advice they have for other women filmmakers/creatives.

Paulie Jorquera: Director of Photography

Paulie Jorquera helming the DP chair for her latest project. 

Paulie Jorquera is a Chilean-born cinematographer living in Phoenix. Paulie, 26, initially started with Thunder Grip & Electric in the camera department. Upon attending film school, she fell in love with cinematic storytelling and composition. She decided her next step was developing her own style, and staying dedicated to the craft of cinematography. She credits her success to learning how to work as a team, communicating efficiently, and problem-solving on set.

Her advice to up and coming filmmakers and creatives? “Always put yourself first. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes- laugh it off and keep going. The story can always improve, and if your life starts to look blurry, adjust your focus.”

Reach out to Paulie at:  pauliejorquera27@gmail.com

Sandy Kim: Producer, Director, Actress

A headshot of Sandy Kim. 

Born in Queens, Sandy Kim is a Phoenix-based jack of all trades when it comes to film. Upon moving to Phoenix in 2009, she believed she would have to put her passion for film- a product of Tri-State area art schools and a love for storytelling- on hold. However, she soon discovered the large and thriving film and theater community in the Valley and continued to work. She and her brother, Marcus Stricklin, produce independent films together and own their own production company called Future Legend Productions. The company produces films, TV shows, and PSA’s. In 2015, she wrote, produced, and starred in ‘Double Life’, a TV show pilot made for the New York Television Festival. Additionally, she wrote, produced, and starred in a film titled “Portrait of an Addict”, which is currently in post-production.

Sandy’s advice to women in film: “Just start. Often women want to wait until we are ready, and truthfully we are never fully ready for anything. I highly recommend networking and getting on sets with a team that is established, in order to learn. Do not assume you are any less competent than anyone else. Focus on transferrable skills you’ve gained in other fields- resourcefulness, team building, problem solving, grace under pressure. When possible, find mentors- male and female. Then once you get to a certain level, please remember to give back and sponsor or mentor other aspiring filmmakers.”

You can reach Sandy at:

Instagram: SandyKimActress
Twitter: @SandyKimActor

Kathleen Short: Director & Entertainer

KSHORT giving her latest MC performance. 

Kathleen Short, or K.Short, is a creative and entertainer born and raised in Maryvale, aka West Phoenix, and got her education at Northern Arizona University. She has the heart of an educator, with the mind of an entertainer- an unbeatable duo. She has hosted several events in the Valley, and also dabbles in photography from time to time. In all of her deeds, she does them with the hood, the youth, and her mama, in mind. She believes in conversations, community, creativity, inclusion, and documenting stories.

Her advice to aspiring female creatives: “Just start! Collaboration over competition, and progress over perfection.”

Connect with K.Short on Instagram: kshorttalks

Barri Chase:  Producer & Director

Barri Chase on the set of her latest feature length film production. 

An artist and a storyteller at an early age, Barri Chase was born to creative academics that instilled in her a lifelong passion for the arts. Growing up on the Tulip Indian Reservation as a small child offered Barri a unique perspective on life that she has carried into her most current screenplays. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree at Oregon State University, she decided to pursue a career in the arts and realized she had a propensity for film. Since, Barris has written 7 feature films, 3 television pilots, 12 short films and worked on several music videos. Most recently, she wrote and directed her first feature, slated to release in April, titled ‘The Watchman’s Canoe’. In addition, she is currently in post-production for her 2nd feature film titled ‘Coyote Howls’, which will release in 2018.

Barri’s Advice:  I think setting intentions, by setting dates or deadlines of dates, for each process of the production. By setting intentions, the wheels activate them and grow like a living, breathing entity. Listen to your heart. It is telling you the truth. Balance between your heart and mind, will help everything come to fruition. And above all else, BELIEVE.

Catch Barri’s films on her YouTube channel, and watch her feature at thewatchmanscanoe.com.

Keitu as director of photography on the set of the tonal short film, SNAP.

Keitumetse Mokhonwana: Director of Photography

Keitumetse Mokhonwana, aka K2, is a Phoenix-based cinematographer born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Starting film school in South Africa, she moved to the states in 2013 and continued to pursue a career in film. She credits her time in Theatre in high school to developing her love for storytelling, thus leading her to a love for filmmaking. From the moment she came in contact with her first “big boy camera”– the Canon 7D– she knew that as long as she could be behind a camera, life would be amazing. Since, she has worked as a cinematographer for several different short films and music videos. She loves and hopes to work on more projects that are fun and challenging at the same time– and not just for her, but for the world we live in. Her core belief is that we live in a troubled world and it can be changed through the art we create.

Advice to women looking to break into the industry: “Film school is a good way to start. You’ll get the basic training you need, but most importantly you will find people you want to work with and people that want to work with you. This is a male-dominated industry no doubt, and I think the most important thing I have learned is to show up and do your absolute best, and every time you will surprise yourself and those around you. Surround yourself with people that believe in you. If you do not have anybody close to you for that, reach out to female filmmakers on social media, we are all here to support each other”.

How to reach K2- Instagram: because_keitumetse, also check out her reel.  

Monica Robinson: Producer & Assistant Director

Monica Robinson ADing on the set of the ARENA MUSIC Production.

Monica Robinson is a producer and assistant director. Since getting her education at Scottsdale Community College’s Film school, Monica has worked on a number of productions- from music videos, commercials, and short films. From 2010-2011 she worked as an assistant director for the award-winning projects “Nocturnal Emission” and “Hand of the Earth”. She has continued her AD experience through commercials with The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, the non-profit organization ‘Color of Change’, as well as the feature film “The Watchman’s Canoe” in 2016. Currently, Monica is working on Malakai Creative’s first feature film, as well as producing “Coyote Howls”, slated for late 2018.

Words of advice to other women: “I’ve been building my career since I left film school in 2011. It’s an uphill battle of meetings, scheduling, and networking. As a woman in a male dominated industry, I’ve had to work that much harder to prove my worth and knowledge, so my advice to women seeking careers in film is to keep going. As simplistic as this may seem, there will be many moments where you question if you’ve chosen the right path. There will be opposition to both your creative ideas and business ideas but if you have passion for the aspect of film you work in, remember you have value.”

You can reach Monica at: Mansell415@gmail.com


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